Self Test #MANG2049

  1. Accessing, managing and evaluating online information: 2/5
    There was always a saying telling me now to trust what is on the Internet, because anyone could just upload a piece of information and it would spread like wildfire even before anyone has verified the validity of it. It has been hard for me to tell what is true and false on the Internet.
  2. Participating in online communities: 3/5
    I have played certain online games that has online communities link to it where you could engage with the other players. I have also used many different social networking sites like Friendster, Facebook and Blogger before to engage with my friends online.
  3. Building online networks around an area of interest: 3/5
    I have an interest in photography and have started up a blog for my photos. My most frequent online media would definitely be my Instagram where I get to snap and share photos with all my friends and followers.
  4. Collaborating with others: 2/5
    Do meeting people online count as collaborating with others?
  5. Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video): 3/5
    Definitely something that has always interest me and have been doing so for a few years. I am trying to pick up videography, because it seems really cool to be able to go and watch back all the videos I have taken of myself and of others too.
  6. Managing your online identity: 2/5
    I know the basics of setting up my online profile. Mostly through social media sites
  7. Managing your online privacy and security: 1/5
    Privacy and security is something that I am always trying to learn more about. The Internet is a dangerous place where I have read cases of people managing to gain access to your credit card information just by knowing your name and email. This is something that I would want to learn more about and execute it immediately. The only privacy I know how to set up would be setting my Facebook and Instagram on private. Haha.

My current score is 16/35  and through this module, I hope to learn more and improve my score to my target of getting 27/35 (on average 4 for each question).

I am more exposed to social media sites and have focuses solely on them, but I hope to learn more about the Internet and the various communities that are available for me to visit.

The past two lessons of these module has been interesting. Through the module, I have finally learn what is Google Hangout and also participated in it. It is definitely something new to me and it has caught my interest, and I am looking forward to the start of this module!

Current score :  16/35
Target score   :  27/35


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