Review: Are you visiting or residing?

This topic has been really an interesting one. From the start, I have never actually heard of the term Digital Visitor and Digital Residents. It was really interesting to know from my research that the term has been around for awhile now.

Also, after reading my friends blog, it has really open up to me on how I could have approached this topic in a different point of view. For example, Calanthea’s post was really refreshing where she talks about what is actually happening in our daily life that made it really relatable for me. As for Pearlyn’s post, she went into details about differentiating between the two different categories and made it clear as to how to you define who is visitor and who is a resident.

Also, reading the comments I have received, Jueyin has brought up a good point on how digital immigrants are being forced to adapt to technology in the 21st century after having to live most of their life without it. Everything is being digitalized that you do not really have much of a choice but to learn and adapt to it. That’s where many community centers in Singapore has been starting clubs for the older generation to take up computer classes to be more familiarize with the advancement of technology.

It was definitely enjoyable and interesting being able to share my thoughts and also read my friendviews on this topic. Cheers to us becoming Digital Residents!

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