Review: Online Identity. How many? One, Two, Three???

This topic was something that I could relate to as I myself hold various online identities due to the clash of interest with certain social groups that I associate with.

Reading Nicholas’s post, we discuss how it is tiring to maintain multiple online identities, and we have come to agree that being online, we would never be able to be ourselves if we wish to upkeep a professional image. This module would be a great example for this topic where I specifically created a separate twitter account just for this module as my own personal twitter was created almost 8 years ago and I would not even wish to backtrack the past tweets that I posted. By doing so, I have created another online identity where I am able to control the variation information that I relay on my social media accounts. Refering to Wan Chyng’s post, she has mention that having multiple online identities are something that should be embraced as there are different sides of us that we wish to portray to the receiving end. For example, I would most definitely wish to portray a professional image as a marketeer to my employer, where I show a more friendlier and cozier image with my family and friends.

Reading Siew Woon’s comment, it has really got me thinking. She mentioned “If we were to have multiple identities and got found out the ‘real’ us, isn’t it going to be worst?” I was just reading an article of Essena O’Neill, a social media model, and how she finally broke down from the pressure of her online identity. Having control of who you are online is definitely something that should be taken strongly into account.

In conclusion, we all have multiple identities online for various reason, but the most common reason would be due to professionalism that we wish to maintain based on who we are socializing with.

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