Profiling: Who are you online?

Advancement of technology is gaining importance, thus creating a proper online profile would be appropriate and may help you better in your job search these days. Companies now are turning to the internet to find out more about their potential employees before deciding on who they should hire. Therefore, if you have a solid professional profile online, the chances of you getting selected will be higher.

Source: Joy of Tech

Appearance is crucial, just like having an offline profile, you would dress up formally for your interviews. Setting up your online profile with a proper structure will allow your future employers to have a more positive overall first impression on you. Provide clear and precise information regarding your achievements or past works that you wish to share with potential employers.

Be open to various social media sites. Create more presence online. Like in the video linked above, majority of them are not able to search for their information, rather they found many others who have the same name as them. Being able to handle various social media accounts would allow you to reach out to more audience, which would lead to more exposure so potential employers. However, you should be able to handle each accounts professionally and not neglect some over the other.

Your brand is how your industry, coworkers, and customers perceive you. Every action you make, product you build, or social media post you publish is being seen by people around you. You are developing your brand whether you like it or not.
Sheeley, cofounder and chief executive officer of Kicksout, Inc.

Who are you? When creating your own brand, you should stay true to yourself when you’re building your online profile. Do not try to fake your experiences or achievements, it will only cause you more harm then good. The internet is known to be a place where you can fake your identity, if you were to impersonate someone else, it would reflect badly on you and you would be acknowledge as a fraud. It would be hard to recollect yourself, and other potential employers may start to have trust issues with the information that you provide, no matter how authentic they are now.

How I can relate to this would be how I build up my image on Carousell, a mobile applications that allows us to sell various items. We are allowed to gain feedback, be it positive, negative or neutral. Sellers and buyers than to avoid those who have even just one negative feedback as they do not wish to trouble themselves with wasted efforts. Being truth and honest on your online profile is important, as helps to perceive you as an overall person offline too.

To maintain your professional image, be aware of what you are communicating through your social media sites. And you should be consistent with your style of communication, it helps to provide clarity and also helps to build up to the uniqueness of your very own brand.

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4 thoughts on “Profiling: Who are you online?

  1. Hey there Shannon!

    It was interesting that you used the comparison of online and offline appearance and how both needs to be maintained, I found it very relevant and it was easy to relate (as I believe most if us have gone through at least 1 interview before). You mentioned that we need to stay true to ourselves and present a genuine representation of our abilities ad achievement, which I agree is extremely important! Too often, people tend to oversell themselves and exaggerate their capabilities – more so if it’s behind a screen. This point is definitely worth taking note of, and I’m glad you highlighted it to us. :o)

    On your point of exploring different platforms to build up our professional profile, do you think it is sufficient to just manage a LinkedIn profile (highest percent of online recruitment is reportedly from this platform) and a blog? Given our fast-paced lives, would we be able to manage efficiently and effectively so many platforms? Would you say quality is more essential than quantity given our circumstances – let me know what you think! :o)

    Thank you for the very interesting read! :o)


    1. Hi Jasmine!

      I have done some research and realize that lots of company actually would request for your LinkedIn account, even though it is not compulsory. But having to reply potential employee with a “I am sorry, I have no LinkedIn profile” would sound like you were not prepared in a way?

      I definitely do think that time management would be crucial in handling the various social media accounts that you have. It would get exhausting and tiring at one point, but if you were to update with interesting or relevant details about yourself, for example your achievements and accomplishment, I guess it would be enough information for your potential employers to have a better knowledge of you!

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with me 🙂


  2. Hi Shannon,
    The video you shared is so fun to watch! I tried googling myself but don’t see much result, seem like I really need to work hard on building a professional profile. Hopefully one day, I will be able to link my achievements with it!
    You mentioned that appearance and consistency is really important when we want to build an online presence. Ever wondered about what to do if you googled yourself and found inaccurate information? I am sure we can edit the information if it was posted on our own but what if it is from an outsider, someone we do not know, writing negative things about us?


  3. Hi Shannon!

    Thank you for the thoughtful insight! We share a same insight that companies are turning to the internet to search for potential employees.

    Because of the changes in the era and use of technology, recruiters are turning online to look for employee. However, there are still face-to-face interviews that we must go through. So we cannot be complacent with what we put online as there must be a consistency made.

    What do you think about our professional profile? Should we have multiple or single online profile to remain professional? Or both? In my opinion, having single profile might harm us if we were to badmouth about something. But multiple profile will help us to hide posts that we do not want public to know about. There are always pros and cons to the amount of online profile we have.

    Do share your comments with me!


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