Review: Profiling, Who are you online?

After I finished my topic 3 post, I went to check my personal twitter and happened to chance upon on of my Indonesian friend who suddenly mentioned how she needs to create LinkedIn. From there, I found out from her that majority of her potential employers are requesting for her LinkedIn account, though it is not compulsory, but they said it would be good if she had one for them to take a look at. I didn’t touched about LinkedIn in my previous post, so I went to research more about it to reflect.

This was something really shocking to me, and also pretty coincidental that she would mentioned it while I was doing this topic. Before these module, I really have never thought of LinkedIn, and have never once clicked on a LinkedIn profile too. Based on Rachel’s post, she had a screenshot that showed how LinkedIn was ranking first in how social media is being used as an recruitment tool.

I stumbled upon this video and when I scrolled through the comments, there were people mentioning how they hated LinkedIn as there are many shady, suspicious and fake account surfacing and engaging them professionally. From Easter’s post, he did mention about how being authentic is crucial, and I, too, did mention it in my previous post. Sure, you need to sell yourself online, beautify your profile, but when you start to fake your accomplishment or experiences, you would only be seen as a fraud when caught. The internet is know to be a place where we should be taking information lightly, and if you were to try to fake your profile, all your other truths will be seen as lies and it would reflect badly on how you are as a person too. No company would like a dishonest person working for them.

Source: Soompi

I would like to end off with this screencap of these tweet, where a famous Korean Singer/Actor, Choi Si Won, retweeted it which was touching a very sensitive topic. Everyone should be aware of what they are sharing on their social media accounts. Be it real, fake or unconciously. Every action that you choose to make online will affect not only others, but your own image and brand as a person. Social media is becoming a common choice on hiring individual, thus, everyone should be aware of the Dos and Don’ts on their social media.

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