Review: Social Media Exposé

Source: Social Strand Media

Social media ethics is something that I am pretty exposed to, and it was really enjoyable for me to actually research and learn more about this topic. The knowledge that I gain from the various discussion of these topics could be a guide for me before I enter the working world.

Since this was a broad topics, it was interesting to learn more about the various views on it from my other classmates. Constance’s post was very informative on the different types of tweets or information that Millennials consider ethical to share in online. I was pretty surprise by the high percentages of them thinking it is alright to post negatively and share information about confidential business project details online. Furthermore, she mention how employees are important in reflecting their company’s image and reputation and they should be aware of what they post on their social media sites which could cause negative impacts on their companies. I have always believe that employees should be trained to carry themselves appropriately, especially if they have direct contact with consumers, since their behaviors reflect strongly on the company’s image.

Identity theft was something that my friend has experience before, and it was nice to read that Joey has addressed it for her post. It is really scary how information that we are providing to the internet voluntarily are out there for some people to try to steal them. It really has got me considering twice over how often I shop online, which means providing financial information about myself.

I received a comment from Tianyi in regards to my post, which she got me thinking about why do business still have unethical social media practices. Do they not know that it is unethical? Are they just this careless? Or are they doing it deliberately for financial gains? With social media marketing gaining importance and being used so commonly, it would be good for businesses to be aware of their practices and adapt to it ethically.

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