Is this free? Can I get it for free?

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The one time Apple decided to give free music, majority of the people actually complained about it. It surprising, since who doesn’t enjoy free things? However, people only wants things that they like to be free. Most people are not interested in random freebies if it is not what they want.

Can you Google it? Did you try googling it?

We are so reliable to the Internet that Google has become a verb. Whenever we are in doubt, we would resort to searching for answers online. What happens if the simple information that we require becomes inaccessible and we would have to pay it? I really can not imagine it, especially since I tend to google for answers whenever I am uncertain of it. Should information online be free for all? Or should we be paying for it in the future?


  • Free for all. This would mean allowing your work to be view for free by the public. No fees is required to access to the work.
  • More exposure, more readers. A study in 2007 has concluded that 50% of papers are never read by anyone. [1]
  • Allow others to build on their research with the published works as resources. It helps to development more in terms of learning and teaching.


  • There is no control on who is using the published works.
  • Plagiarisms may occur, unknowingly.
  • Quality of the published works are also compromised. An example could be Wikipedia, it is a site that is open to anyone to edit its content.
  • Original authors or content producers do not get compensated.

Copyright is always an issue, and it is hard to tackle it, especially when your work is available online. If all kinds of works are available online, free for use, it is hard to argue when works are seen to be similar. The Internet is too vast to be able to control how your work and content are being used by others. A study conducted in 2007 has also concluded that 90% of the published works are not cited properly. [1]

There are people on the internet that are able to become entrepreneurs due to the fact that they have been providing free content online. Examples could be a Korean makeup artist, Pony, she has been sharing make-up tutorials on YouTube and has managed to gain a lot of exposure through her free tutorials. She is now currently a freelance make-up artist, she had many makeup books published too, and her latest project that is to be release would be her own line of makeup.

Being someone who has an interest in photography, I have been sharing my photo online for free too, in hopes of being about to gain more exposure. However, I would be upset to know that there could be people out there reproducing my work and claiming it as theirs. I think it really varies, as to what kind of content could be shared freely or should be paid. Ultimately, I believe that the producers should hold the choice if they wish to share their work freely online or would they wish to charge an amount to compensate for their hard work.

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4 thoughts on “Is this free? Can I get it for free?

  1. Hi there Shannon! 🙂

    I have to say your blog post really got me thinking about why content produced for public should be made free on the internet. Definitely there would be more exposure and like with the YouTube example you provided, it may even lead to real life opportunities where you get noticed for the work that you do and are approached by brands or companies. Even with academic journals and such, if 50% of them are never read, how much knowledge and information are we potentially losing out on if they continue to have a price tag attached? I believe essentially it boils down to what our purpose of having our content published online is. Is it for the betterment of people? Are we spreading good music, more information, amazing photography, etc.? Or do we want to just keep things to ourselves?
    Definitely content producers have to be compensated in some way, but maybe enough to attain substantial exposure.

    (Word count: 157)

    Thank you!



  2. Hi Shannon! I saw the photographs you shared on the blog it really looks professional! There have been more people sharing their contents on the internet and gaining success from it. Your point on how people becoming entrepreneurs via open access contents caught my attention, which led me to another point. The movie industry shows a glimpse of their movies through trailers to attract people attention to catch the movie. So what could be the pro and cons of showing semi contents?

    Despite the advantages content producers can get from publishing their content openly, for articles to be published online, a fee has to be paid to the APC. What about those who are not able to afford it? To add on to the disadvantages, I think credibility is a huge issue. Now that so many contents are openly accessible, how do we know whether to trust the facts of the contents. Thus, building relationship with the audience is important. What do you think? 🙂

    P.s.I hope you will be able to turn your passion of photography into a profession! ^^


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