Review: Is this free? Can I get it for free?

This topic has really got a discussion going on where there are many different views on whether content should be made available online for free. Siew Woon has stated that “Knowledge should be free.” and I, too, also believe in that. I could spend a lot of time just surfing the web, reading random articles and blogs, expanding my knowledge. I would hate to imagine where one day, Google or any other search engines were to charge us whenever we wish to search for information online.

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Everyone love free things. But with free things, there is someone out there who would be losing out. If artistes were to just provide free music for us, who is going to pay for their bills? If movies producers were to provide free movies for us, who is going to cover the filming production costs? Everything in this world comes with a price.

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It is all about give and take. When you want something, you would need to give something in return. People are uploading their content online as it is cost effective and also it is the easiest way to gain exposure, however this would mean a increasing the opportunity of allowing your work to be discredited and also maybe stolen. Yixin has created a video of her dog, and made it available online to view. She has discussed how easy it is to neglect credits when taking contents online. The Internet is too vast for anyone to control how and original content is being used. Pirating movies and music is one example which is very common and also hard to overcome.

Ultimately, the producer of the content has the choice on whether they wish to put up their content online. We are not one to judge as the consumer as we are bias and would love to see more free content made available online.

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Siew Woon
Yi Xin


[PHOTO] Available: here [Accessed on 12 November 2015]

[PHOTO] Available: here [Accessed on 12 November 2015]


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