This is just the beginning

Source: SSYMPhotography

Before this module started, I already had my very own professional online profile that I was currently managing. I have mentioned that I am interested in photography and thus, I have an online site that aims to provide coverage in terms of photography of the various Hallyu (Korean) events that are organized in Singapore.

This module was something that was very relatable to me in regards to living and working on the web as my site is entirely based online.

Source: @ssymphotography

I was on a constant fence on how I should portray my site online. Did I want to be a super formal professional site or a friendly site that interacts more with my followers and other fans? Topic 2, was also where I discuss the challenges I had to face while having so many online identities that I have to managed. My personal online profile, my photography site and also this professional profile which has been created for this module. Additionally, I have difficulties as to how my site should look like so that it would look professional, at the same time user friendly for my viewers.

Topic 5 was really eye opening to me since I, myself, is a content producer. Photographers are really particular about second reproduction of their works and I have learnt that most of the online content available is usually not given proper credit to the owners. This new information really got me thinking about the content that I am uploading online, with many threats of it being edited without any credit. However, what’s the point of taking photos if I am never going to share them?

Source: KFF Team Youtube Channel

Furthermore, something really amazing happen during this module. I was engaged to be an official photographer for Korean Film Festival 2015! The video above is a work of mine that I have shot and edited for the event. In fact, I was actually discovered through my online profile! This was my very first official event and I was honestly shocked how an online profile could actually bring me this far.



Accessing, managing and evaluating online information



Participating in online communities



Building online networks around an area of interest



Collaborating with others



Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)



Managing your online identity



Managing your online privacy and security






Comparing the results of the self-test audit that I have done before and after this module, I can proudly say that I have definitely improved and have also reached my targeted score.

As this module come to an end, I am really glad to have gain so much and also to be able to put what I have learn into real life practice. After researching for each topic, I was able to improve and build on to my online photography profile, and I hope that with the knowledge that I have learnt, my photography site would be able to establish a reputable and professional online presence.

Source: LinkedIn

However, this is only the beginning. Just like managing many different online identities, I used to separate my photography site from my personal profile. Thus, I will be working towards creating and developing my own personal professional online profile where it would include all my past job experience and also this photography site that I have set up. I have also just set up SnapChat, and will be looking to expanding to Facebook in the near future.

I have contemplated on the many different ways on how I should reflect on this entire module and my friend say that I should based it off personal experience. She also said that I shouldn’t be hiding this achievement of mine and instead be proud of it and I think that could be one of the very first steps of creating a professional online profile.

Be confident.

P.S. I am working hard towards getting a domain by the end of the year! 🙂

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