About Me


I am Shannon, currently undergoing a Bachelor program in Marketing with University of Southampton. This blog has been set up for one of my modules where they will be guiding and teaching me how to get adapt and be comfortable with working on the web as it is the 21st century.

You can find me on other social networking sites too!
Twitter: @sxnang
Instagram: @shannonang

I am pretty fickle-minded, so my interest was pretty diverse and varies a lot.

Firstly, I am in love with food. Food could hardly go wrong. I used to watch my parents cook when I was younger and sometimes when I got lucky, my parents would let me help out with simple chopping of vegetables or watching over the stove for awhile. Soon, I was able to cook and experiment with different recipes in my own. When we shifted houses, we were blessed with an oven in our new home and that’s where I started to research on baking! And till today, I actually enjoy experimenting and baking receipes that I have found online.


Other than cooking and baking myself, I actually enjoying searching for delicious food around Singapore. I would say I am pretty bias towards sweet treats cause I have a sweet tooth. Not a foodie, just someone who enjoys and appreciates food! Or we call it, cafe-hopping!


Not sure if you can tell from my photos of food, but I also have an interest in photography. It started out when I was 13. I was surfing through the internet and I stumbled upon a photographer’s blog. She posted various breath-taking photos of her vacations and also daily life. What amazed me the most was that she was actually the same age as me! It really inspired me and that’s where I started to gain interest and also started snapping away with my compact camera, before my parents gifted me with a DSLR when I was 14.  Despite still being an amateur, I have started another blog where I posted all my photos that I have taken all these years. In fact, the header pic was taken by me back when I was in Switzerland. It came out picture perfect and I could say that I am pretty proud of it.

I am still learning after every shot, but you can look at more of my photos here.

Lastly, I enjoy spending time with my family. Most of my weekends are off limits as they are reserved for me to spend quality time with my family, be it just lazing around at home watching television to heading out to museums. I really enjoy travelling and I am bless to say that my parents always try to make time so that we could travel to the different countries on a yearly basis. There’s a saying which states that travelling with the right people is essential, and I would confidently say the best people to travel with would definitely be my family.


 I am definitely more of a visual person than words, but hopefully with this module, it will help me to express my thought clearly in words as I attempt the different discussion topics.